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FYRE Festival II Limited Edition Ticket (Deposit)


*FYRE 2.0 Deposit Locks in Ticket Price for 48 Hours

FYRE Festival 2.0 is a unique event where a global audience will come together to share in life-changing experiences. FYRE is built to engage the senses: the brightest minds in music, cuisine, art, sports, and hospitality are coming together to produce one of the largest events in pop-culture.

Date/Location: FYRE Festival 2.0 is taking place in the Winter of 2025 in the Caribbean. 

Distinction: FYRE believes in equal curation of what is presented surrounding the stage together with what is on stage.

Ethos: Adventure, luxury, tropical, unforgettable experiences; legend building

Offerings: Music, comedy, fashion, cuisine, sports, gaming, and treasures

New Partners: FYRE Festival 2.0 has a professional management team with 40+ combined years of experience in live events and property management. 

The Tickets: 139 Limited Edition tickets are available for $1,139 per ticket. After the limited edition tickets sell out, entry level passes will begin at $3,500 and go up to $1M+.

For VIP offerings and bulk orders please email: history@fyrefestival2.com

Note: Tickets are transferable. In the event of a ticket sale or transfer, please notify FYRE and allow 24 hours to transfer the tickets.

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