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FYRE Crew Trip 1: Remaining Deposit Payment (FFII Ticket Holders)



Friday 2/16 - Monday 2/19

When I was in jail I wanted to write a book. I was asked why anyone would care about my story. To answer the question, I wrote a memoir introduction that tried to captured the magic - and sheer ridiculousness - of what was happening on the weekend trips that ultimately led to the festival. A few months after I wrote my intro, the documentaries came out.

You know some of the stories. You know some of the people who were there. And when you ask any of us, these trips were unquestionably the most memorable 3 days of our lives. I’ve been dreaming of them every day for 5 years. And finally, they’re back.

The first FF II lead-up trip is going down President’s Day weekend. Here’s the plan:


  • We’ll meet as a group on Friday 2/16 in NYC at 9am or in Miami at 12pm
  • We’ll fly together in a group of twin-engine, propeller planes
  • We’ll arrive in the Caribbean Friday afternoon and depart on 6pm Monday 2/19 for both NYC or Miami

Expeditions and Activities:

  • This trip isn’t for people who want to just sit by the pool
  • We’ll be island hopping by boat, plane, jet ski, and kayaks; we’ll be free-diving for lobster; and we’ll be lighting the island up at night.


  • We’ll stay in a cluster of beach-side villas and houses


  • We’ll have a house chef to provide major meals
  • We’ll also be going to restaurants, bars, and clubs, but these costs are not included and must be paid to the venues directly

Costs: $3,500 for 1, $5,500 for a group of 2, $8,250 for a group of 3, or $11,000 for a group of 4. Includes: flights, housing, major meals, daily expeditions & activities. Rooms are double occupancy.

A 10% deposit ($350, $550, $825, $1100) is required to reserve your spot. Upon receiving your deposit, our team will reach out to confirm your spot on the trip. Full payment is due within 72 hours of your spot(s) being confirmed.

**FYRE II ticket holders receive $500 off per person.

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