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FYRE II: Prometheus Pass Pre-Sale


Prometheus Pass:

The Prometheus Pass represents the pinnacle of access to FYRE and FYRE II, providing a comprehensive experience that immerses you in the elements of Fire, Earth, Sky, and Sea.

Unveil the Legacy of Prometheus:

Named after Prometheus, The God of FYRE, this pass opens, and literally builds, doors to an island escape that transcends the confines and dates of FYRE II.

Limited Availability, Approval Required: 10 Passes Remaining

The final pre-sale for FYRE Festival II is here.

Your FYRE Pass Gets you:

  • 1 Ticket to FYRE Festival II
    • FF II is targeted for the end of 2024 in the Caribbean.* The FYRE Festival Pre-Sale FYRE Pass gets you 1 ticket to FYRE Festival II, as well as immediate VIP access to FYRE Events, Experiences, and Community. *FFII date subject to change.
  • VIP Pass to FYRE lead-up events and FYRE pop-ups
  • FYRE Crew
    • VIP Access to FYRE Experiences, including FYRE Fights, Documentary and Film Screenings, Weekend Trips, and More
    • Online community with Billy and Team

Questions: history@fyrefestival2.com

Disclaimer: FFII date is subject to change. Pre-events and pop-ups to be announced, but FYRE will host a minimum of 4 events prior to FFII.

Terms: Payment is due upon receipt. Your tickets will be delivered via our ticket partner POSH.

Tickets are transferable. In the event of a ticket sale or transfer, please notify FYRE and allow 24 hours to transfer the tickets.

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You will be charged a deposit today and the remaining balance before delivery.

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